I specialize in providing marriage counseling to couples of all ages. Often it is helpful for couples who are planning to marry to have pre-marital sessions to enhance their relationship and prevent possible problems from developing. Below are components of this counseling.


Assessment of five general areas:

  • When difficulties began to occur during the relationship/marriage
  • Developmental changes such as the birth of a child
  • Individual issues, such as someone perhaps having medical or work problems
  • Communication issues
  • Other specific issues such as financial or parenting problems


  • Develop a model of positive communication including how to deal with disagreements and frustrations with the spouse
  • Identify and expand the positive aspects of the relationship
  • Learn the components of an argument and how to separate out strong emotions and disagreements.
  • Learn problem solving techniques to deal with disagreements
  • Learn to identify and cope with strong emotions so such emotions don’t interfere with communication.
  • Address specific problematic areas such as parenting, financial, and affection issues.
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