This involves providing consultation and support to people going through a divorce, whether there are children involved or not.  This is different than counseling that often focuses on helping people with problems.  We look at:

  1. Coping with your divorcing spouse.
    • Providing a safe and calm environment to cope with all of the changes related to a divorce.
    • How you are interacting with your spouse, and whether any intense emotions are interfering with your ability to resolve disputes and negotiate reasonable agreements about the divorce.
    • How to identify these intense emotions and to find other appropriate outlets, instead of acting them out with your spouse.
  2. How to help and support your children and teens during this process.
    • How to identify your own parenting strengths and weakness and those of the other parent.
    • How to identify your needs and those of your children and teens, and to advocate for the children/teen’s needs.
    • How to support your children and teens having a positive relationship with the other parent.
    • How to help you, your children and teens deal with the loss and grief during this time.

Parent Coaching

This includes parents who are going through a divorce, and parents wanting to strengthen their parenting skills.  We look at

  • How to improve communication with your children and teens, including being a good listener. 
  • Helping children and teens be able to identify their own feelings and appropriately express them.
  • Understanding your strengths and weakness in being a parent and those of the other parent.
  • Understanding the developmental needs and abilities of your children and teens, including understanding how they think and develop good friendships.
  • How to develop age appropriate expectations and use of discipline.
  • How to set up focused behavior plans.
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